Terms and Conditions Lucky App



"Customer(s)" or "you" means the users who have signed up for an account on the Lucky APP in accordance with the T&C ;
"Services" means all the services which may be provided through the APP including, but not limited to, the e-vouchers and the use of the APP e-wallet;
"Discounts" Means the discounts provided by the merchant to the customers on his different kinds of products from time to time or the purchase in his commercial stores.
"App" means the mobile APP of Lucky as available for download through APP Store and Play Store and any other platform;
"Service Provider" or "Company" means the company Lucky Egypt for Software;
"Lucky wallet" means the e-wallet performed by the Service Provider for his customers while dealing with the contracting merchants and paying off their entitlement.
"Invoice" means the receipt, invoice, instrument or document which evidences the transactions being affected between the Service Provider and the Customer which include, inter alia, the service along with the price and the company’s details (name, tax number, beneficiary’s name);
"Products" Means the products or/and the services provided by the merchant.
"Merchant" Means the merchant who avails the Products and the discount.

1. Use of the APP

2. Scope of Services and Merchants Information:

3. Subscription Fee & Payment Method:

4. Lucky wallet

5. Liability:

6. Communicating with the Service Provider:

7. Trademarks and Copyrights

8. The refund of the annual subscription

9. The annual subscription period calculation:

10. The eligibility of the customer

The customer approve that he is at least 21 years old and that he possesses the eligibility for disposal that authorizes him to agree to use this APP and bears his financial obligations.

11. The return the product

The Service Provider shall not bear any responsibility in case of returning the product to the merchant and in this case the merchant’s terms shall be applied.

12. Privacy

The Service Provider does not save any information about the electronic payment cards of customers when using them, but the Service Provider maintains a portion of customer’s payment card information in an encrypted form while taking all measures and procedures of physical and electronic protection to preserve it and all the conditions and provisions stipulated in the privacy policy available on the following link: https://thelucky.app/en/pages/policy.

13. The compensation

The customer agrees to compensate the Service Provider for all damage, loss, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising from his breach of these (T&C) and/or other obligations arising from his use of the APP and/or discounts, services including the use of any of the comment space for insulting or slandering or posting any messages that would harm others, and the company has the right to sue the customer for a compensation in this case, regarding the damage and to introduce it in any lawsuit filed for the company due to the customer’s mistake.